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Tenant's Insurance

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What coverage do you need?

Covering your most important asset and much more.


Cover your personal liability anywhere in the world as well as covering your property.

Building and Outbuildings

Home insurance will extend from your house to automatically cover your outbuildings, decks, fences, and other items fixed to your property.

Personal Property

Home insurance covers your personal property. There are special limits of insurance; make sure you talk to your broker to protect special items such as jewellery, collections, and musical instruments.

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Available Policy Types


Comprehensive insurance covers you for all risks on both your home and personal property.

Most policies that offer comprehensive coverage also have higher special limits of insurance for valuable goods making it the strongest coverage available.

Broad Form

Broad form coverage covers your house and outbuildings for all risk coverage and your personal property for named perils.

This is a great option if available for seasonal homeowners policies where the alternative is a Named Perils form. It is also a good option for older home and specialty risks where Comprehensive is not an option.

Named Perils

Named Perils only covers you for what is listed on the policy terms. These policy terms do not come with many bells or whistles and are typical on seasonal or vacant dwellings.

Make sure to check in with your broker to see what is covered and what limitations are on the policy.

How to save on your Homeowner's Insurance

Ways to save

Bundle your home or tenants policy with an auto insurance policy to get a multi-line discount.

Ensure that your home insurance building limit is not too high so that you are being over-insured - it is always a good idea to revisit your limits every few years.

Your homeowners insurance can help you save money on other types of insurance that may be included already such as small water crafts, small tractors, garden tractors, and more!

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Add additional coverage for when claims occur.

Umbrella Liability

Increase your liability limit and extend it to cover everything that you own to protect yourself in the event of liability claims.

Create an umbrella of protection that can help you to weather any storm.

Extended Water Coverage

Did you know that most policies don't automatically include sewer backup and ground water?

Talk to your agent about what options you have to increase you coverage to water damages.

Identity Theft and Cyber

Working from home? Protect yourself against rising security threats with cyber protection.

You can get coverage for restoration of data and software as well as protection againt identify theft.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Ensure that you are getting full replacement value for your home. No if's and's or but's about it.

Full replacement cost on your home, guaranteed.

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